Monday, December 1, 2014

D21 - Life's Givens

The nine givens in life every person must deal with:

1. Mortal – to be mortal and thus at risk of death during every moment of life.

2. Fallible – To make all decisions on the basis of only partial knowledge thereby rendering myself fallible and constantly open to the risk of being wrong.

3. Addiction – to be susceptible to tolerance and addiction placing my self control at risk.

4. Disenable – To be susceptible to disease and genetic disadvantage, thereby jeopardizing the plans that I make for each new day.

5. At Risk – To be vulnerable to physical and mental impairment through accident, natural disaster, crime and the hazards of war.

6. Meaningless – To arrive in the world with no inborn meaning, thereby rendering a personal search necessary.

7. Bad Will – To carry within me a capacity for bad will towards others rendering me capable of inflicting harm on others.

8. Aloneness – To enter the world as a separate entity (nobody but myself) and to stand responsible for my personal “connectedness” and/or aloneness.

9. Pleasure – To be characterized by behavior that is constantly vulnerable to persuasion from pleasure and pain.

I do not do so well with numbers 6, 7, & 8. It is like I have to constantly remind myself that everyone is also dealing with these same things and has always had to deal with them.

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