Sunday, June 10, 2012

D18 - Life as a movie

A mental game I often play with myself is to imagine my life as if it were a movie.  Not only is it obvious fun to translate my immediate situation into different genres of movies - seeing what my walk to work would be like if I were starring in a romantic comedy for instance - but it can give me perspective in another way as well; thinking about if how it would feel to be at the beginning, middle, and end of a movie.

Thinking about the end of a movie allows me to reflect on the events that led up to where I am now.  I enjoy figuring out the "Man vs. Man/Nature/Self" struggles that happened in the past that I have overcome and grown from to get me to this moment.  I imagine myself sitting down to read my book as the music comes up and the screen goes to black - the restful end of a long journey.

Envisioning myself in the middle of a move changes my focus to the immediate struggles facing me.  Where will the movie climax? Who will turn out to be a villain and who a trusted ally?  I will have to stay tuned to find out how it all turns out!

This final perspective, where I am walking through the opening scene of the movie, I find the most helpful in keeping me optimistic.  I imagine the strange and twisted journey that awaits me.  I can let go of the bad things that happened in the past more easily - after all, they happened offscreen before the move even started.  Maybe they will be rehashed lightly at some point later in the film during a surprising reveal to give my character depth and weight, but they will not be central to the action of the film.  The acquaintance I make with someone I meet that day could set in motion the events of the film.  The world seems full of possibility and expectation.

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