Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 12 - Summer of Ska

Everyone has their own rituals that mark the beginning of summer.  For me, it is the first day I feel the need to walk around in the bright sunshine listening to the Ska bands of yesteryear.  Brass horns and upbeat reggae guitar riffs summon the memories of high school summer vacation and long drives in hot cars.

It seems that every season has music indelibly tied to - music that seems out of place any other time of the year.  Sufjan Stevens makes for great autumn music.  The Clash "Sandinista" must be listened to exclusively on rainy, spring nights.  Jay-Z seems well suited for the cold winds of winter.  Living in an area where all four seasons are free to exercise their extremes makes these impressions exceptionally salient. 

People who live in mono-climatic areas don't know what they are missing. 

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