Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 15 - Pulling metaphorical teeth

Some days it is like my mind is swimming through a vat of molasses - so it is easier to avoid the vat altogether.  My avoidance hammer is an important implement in my toolbox.  I place it right beside my procrastination timer and my guilt ruler.  When I equip myself with all three, there is literally nothing I cannot put off doing and then feel bad about not doing it.

These tools, when used often, actually strengthen each other.  I can hammer away at the timer to make it more accurate, then measure my hammer and watch its length grow.  Carrying them around all day makes for burdensome work, but somehow I feel out of sorts without their weight around my belt. 

Maybe that is what I need, to feel out of sorts for a while.  Maybe I should do something else so that my life will not proceed so predictably.

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