Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 5 - On Rational and Irrational Fears

All of my fears are completely rational and I pride myself this fact.  Spiders are unpleasant. Heights are unsettling. Darkness can be confusing.  All of these opinions are completely rational responses to these situations.  For some people, these things are monolithic concerns in their lives that warrant sometimes ridiculous patterns of behavior in order to cope with.  They are not, however, things that inspire an irrational or crippling fear in me.

While I do not have irrational fears about real objects, it is possible that my biggest fears are rooted in abstract concepts.  Is it irrational to be frightened of social conflict?  What special accommodations do I make in my life to keep awkwardness at bay?  How many roadblocks do I create for myself in a quest never to appear foolish?

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