Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 13 - Impressions

The world can be divided into three kinds of people:

The first kind are those people who are less impressive than their resume makes them out to be.  These are people who overemphasize (and this does not mean it has to be overt or entirely intentional) how extraordinary their experiences with life have been and try to pass off as being humble.

The second kind are people who are much more impressive than their resume makes them out to be.  These one-page resumes fail to mention the full compliment of skills they bring to the table.  It is not just that there are omissions, but that to these people, it would not even occur to them to mention these things because they are not relevant.

Then there is the third kind of person, who I identify with.  This is a person who puts down exactly what their life has been on their resume without reservation or embellishment.  You can hear the regret of opportunities past weigh down their voices as they introduce themselves, hoping to make better of the situation at hand.

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