Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 3 - Obessive? Yes, but it is warranted

I am obsessive about my environment in certain ways.  For example, in coffee shops I will compulsively look around to ensure I am in the most optimal seat - ideally back against a wall next to a window, but also a clear view of the interior. I often bounce around to different, and in my mind more desirable, seats as they are vacated until my brain is satisfied I have found the optimal arrangement.

Obsessive or not, a successful coffee shop should exhibit certain attributes of comfort and warmth.  Of particular interest to me is the lighting.  Too often dim overhead lighting produces sharp vertical shadows that amplify small motions into gigantic distractions.  Worse than that is if the establishment has ceiling fans placed below the lights.  The sheer stupidity of this arrangement - which throws out unsettling, choppy vibrations of light - makes me wonder if people take time to examine the environments they create for themselves and others in any meaningful fashion.

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